Cornerstone Contracting is in the business of surrounding ourselves with teams of people who know how to build houses. Our client's dream of their ideal homes, and our architects put the dreams on paper with creative vision and technical expertise. We collaborate with interior designers, landscape architects, engineers, consultants and craftsmen who practice their art by making the paper plans a 3-D reality. We are proud of our collaborative efforts with other professionals in the industry.

Our portfolio of custom designs speaks for itself. In addition to custom homes, we build site amenities and landscaping elements such as lakes, gardens, pools houses, and stone walls. We also build family compounds that include multiple homes, guest houses, studios, recreation buildings, barns and workshops.

Our skilled team of framers practices the art of old-fashioned timber framing, so you can enjoy the beauty of exposed rafters in your custom home. Barns, homes and other large indoor spaces can be enhanced with this traditional building method and the use of antique materials. We salvage old wood, stone, mantels, ironwork and glass to give your home a historic ambiance with every contemporary luxury. We also offer custom millwork and sustainable construction to give your home a personal touch while making a gentle footprint on our environment.

Some of the modern tools we'll bring to your custom home are smart-house electronics, including security, lighting, communications, audio and video. Providing a central network for your home from the ground up means you'll be wired for any technological need your family might have.

Experience Counts

We've done it before: cutting-edge design, one-of-a-kind programs, and state-of-the-art technologies, combined with a commitment to old-fashioned craftsmanship. This distinguishes CORNERSTONE from other builders and construction managers.

Family Compounds

Designing and building multiple homes, guest houses, studios, recreation buildings, indoor pools, workshops, and barns on estate-size parcels

Site Amenities

Designing and building lakes, gardens, pools, tennis courts, putting greens, orchards, trails, terraces and stone walls

Timber Framing

Using age-old craft and joinery to create vast interior spaces, giving new life to old barns

Antique Materials

Sourcing, salvaging, and recycling old flooring, stone, mantels, ironwork, and glass

Smart-House Electronics

Monitoring security, comfort, lighting, audio-video, and communications on a central, integrated network

Custom Millwork

Creating special rooms and features: wine cellars, libraries, home theaters, and furniture-quality cabinetry, using the warmth and look of special woods: cherry, teak, mahogany, heart pine, chestnut

Sustainable Construction

Building with materials that are or can be recycled, produced locally and responsibly, without chemical wastes. Our homes are built to last, with materials that are environmentally friendly. Having completed recent LEEDs projects, CORNERSTONE is committed to sustainable construction.

Geothermal Heating and Cooling

Using the natural energy of the earth, reducing the dependence on fossil fuels, and providing a quiet and clean air system


At Cornerstone Contracting, we set high standards for ourselves as developers and also for our building materials. Our attention to detail and sourcing of only high-quality products means we can provide you with exceptional value and durability. The team of Cornerstone Contracting are very involved in every project, and we continually work to provide the very best services and materials.

What defines all of our construction materials is our dedication to sustainable construction and building practices. Not only do we seek the highest-quality materials we can find, but we also consider their impact on the environment. Having completed several LEEDs projects, we are committed to the philosophy of green building design and construction. You'll feel good about building your custom home when you know it has been constructed with care and thoughtful consideration to our environment.

We are eager to assist you with the design and construction of your custom home building project. You can be confident in knowing that we bring exceptional expertise to the project along with quality materials and sustainable building practices.