2017 Hobi Award – Community Service Award

Cornerstone Contracting receives Best of the United States 2016 Award

2016 Fairfield Small Family-Owned Business Awards

2015 Palladio Award

2014 Hobi Award

2012 Best Of Year Finalist I.D. Magazine

2011 Westchester Award

2009 Palladio Award

We build teams who build houses. Our Clients start the process, and their Architects offer the creative vision that give form to our projects. They join the team, along with Interior Designers, Landscape Architects, Engineers, Consultants, and Craftsmen, and provide both the art and the science of good design. We've been fortunate to have worked with some of the finest designers in the Northeast, and they, in turn, appreciate CORNERSTONE's expertise:

Bunny Williams, Principal
Bunny Williams Inc.

"It is a pleasure to work with CORNERSTONE. Their professionalism, attention to detail and superb quality make our projects a pleasure for all."

Ellie Cullman, Founder & President
Cullman & Kravis, Inc.

"CORNERSTONE consistently demonstrates a can-do problem solving approach to the most complicated construction projects. Totally responsive, they get the job done effectively and efficiently."

John B. Murray, AIA, Principal
John B. Murray Architect, LLC

"Through their excellence in construction and continuing dedication to each project, our collaboration with CORNERSTONE Construction over the last 10 years has resulted in the highest quality work."

Paul Alter, Principal
Lee H. Skolnick Architecture + Design

"From time to time you come across builders who think like architects in terms of valuing design and yet, bring to the table a tremendous depth of construction expertise, a passion to "get-it-right" and an effective approach to project management that really works. CORNERSTONE is one of those companies."

Ira Grandberg, AIA, Principal
Grandberg & Associates, Architects

"CORNERSTONE builders are consummate professionals. As an Architect, I found working with them was a rewarding experience. They are team players and understand the challenges needed to bring complex designs into reality."

Boris Baranovich, Principal
Boris Baranovich Architects, PC

"Great builder! Deserves inspired architecture."

James C. Childress, FAIA, Partner
Centerbrook Architects

"The most professional people are also the most enjoyable to work with CORNERSTONE exemplifies this. Their attention to detail is second to none."

Douglas VanderHorn, AIA, Partner
Hilton-VanderHorn Architects

"Over several projects, CORNERSTONE has provided excellent quality, met aggressive schedules and brought a team approach to project management. An overall exceptional experience."

James M. Crisp, AIA, Principal
Crisp Architects

"CORNERSTONE goes the extra mile for our Clients!"

David Parisi, AIA
Allan Greenberg, Architect LLC

"Allan Greenberg, Architects LLC recently completed a project with CORNERSTONE. The result was a superbly crafted jewel box, flawless. CORNERSTONE is a pleasure to work with."

Dennis Wedlick, AIA, Principal
Dennis Wedlick Architects

"The highest quality in construction can only be achieved from people with experience, passion and dedication. Every person at CORNERSTONE has these qualifications and more."

Kahlil Hamady, Senior Principal
Hamady Architects

"CORNERSTONE promotes a collaborative culture, with owner and architect, through collective efforts to achieve exquisite quality work."

Robin Kencel, Principal
Ellsworth Ford Associates

"CORNERSTONE has the market cornered on customer service. A complex renovation of my client's home. CORNERSTONE was brilliant in keeping both the client and myself pleased with the process and the results."

Jane Siris, AIA, LEED AP
Siris/Coombs Architects

"CORNERSTONE has successfully collaborated with our firm to build two major residential projects. Their knowledge, integrity and people skills made working with them a pleasure."